Hi! My name is Helena. I'm a hetalian daughter of Athena/Minerva, I'm from Ravenclaw, Narnia, District 4. I ship GerIta and Jeanmarco really HARD. I also have an art blog: kittens-of-art.tumblr.com
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"The Man in the Tan Jacket"
I’ve been listening to “Welcome to Night Vale” a lot lately, here’s some fanart of the man in the tan jacket and his deerskin suitcase filled with possibly trained flies, love this podcast <3

I have started shipping Cecil and Carlos


Ahhhh episode 16 of Welcome To Night Vale is the cutest thing! Cecil fangirling over Carlos :)


Im just rly obsessed with adorable lil’ Cecil omfg


((Hello friends!

This Saturday Tom and I will be attending a small con nearby called Tanoshiicon, so to start off this blog we’ll be taking asks as Cecil (Tom) and Carlos (Nab) from Welcome to Night Vale.

If you wouldn’t mind doing so and could send us some questions/comments for us to answer Saturday morning, that would be lovely~

Thank you!))


Mini sketchbook, black Biro

Carlos and Cecil - a tsundere relationship

Fuzzy brain, I’m gone.


Where I am in Welcome to Night Vale right now, Cecil and Carlos are just starting to see each other and it is so adorable I listened to like five episodes today just to see if Cecil would rant more about Carlos.


So I just sat down and drew some Cecil. a lot of Cecil. dork.

But I had so much fun *A*

I wanted to draw Carlos like that too, but got way too tired..Hopefully I will draw him later.

Also I apologize if I heard something he said the wrong way, listening to English is confusing sometimes.


When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester